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Welcome to APROMEX

Michigan holds a unique strategic position in relation to trade between Mexico and the United States.  Likewise, Mexico represents an important business partner for Michigan, together developing a relationship which has generated an increasing number of professional emigrants to and from both regions.

It was within this context that the Association of Mexican Professionals in Michigan (APROMEX) was formed.  APROMEX is a non-profit organization created to link Mexican professionals in Michigan by way of offering networking opportunities.  The goal of membership is primarily to benefit its members academically, socially and professionally but also to provide tangible benefits in these areas to both Mexico as well as to the association’s host state, Michigan.

Mexican professionals living in Michigan – the majority being either engineers or technology administrators –   represent a new generation of leaders within their respective companies and organizations.  APROMEX grows its membership from this pool of professionals. Their collective impact has an ever increasing importance within the development of Mexico as a partner of NAFTA.

APROMEX fulfills its mission by offering training opportunities, conferences, a jobs database and bi-national cultural orientation.  Additionally, there are various social, cultural and philanthropic activities planned throughout the year.

The goal of APROMEX is to promote the interaction of Mexican professionals living in Michigan, among themselves, as well as with Americans and other foreign friends of Mexico living within the State. As such, APROMEX does not have political, religious or ethnic affiliations.

While the interest of APROMEX membership is predominantly within the automotive industry, there is a growing participation from other common areas of interest between Mexico and Michigan, such as renewable energy.

As a benefit to its members, APROMEX has established contact with government agencies and NGOs in both countries, as well as Mexican companies operating in Michigan, U.S. companies with presence in Mexico, and other international companies (European and Asian) operating in NAFTA.

Whether it be for cultural objectives, professional reasons, as a training option, or even just as a social outlet, APROMEX is your closest contact to the Mexican professional community in Michigan.

We hope to see you at APROMEX: your access to professional Mexican excellence in the automotive industry.

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